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 If you are looking to improve your skills on Digital Marketing field, Himanshu is a great teacher to have. If you follow his lead you can do great things, but you must be willing to jump in head first and never look back. He is very practical and the best thing about him is he is a good guide rather he doesn’t believe in spoon feeding.. Thank you Himanshu, for your wonderful month of personal training and the growth I achieved in my Business. Your consultancy & Strategy always help me to scale my business to the next level.

Bhupendra Singh
Director & Owner, Yuvti, India
Joining the ADM was my life changing decision. I am holding an MBA but still I was not happy with my previous job, I was looking for the coaching centre to get into Digital Marketing which provides quality education. I googled and called Himanshu, The day I was spending in the class was amazing and inspiring. Himanshu not only taught the subject but also motivated and guided me. I was working on live projects so it gave me the confidence to work in the industry.  Thanks a lot Himanshu for everything.
Nitesh Sharma
Accenture, Pune
At ADM I learnt beyond digital marketing. Himanshu Sir is like a mentor and very helpful person. Everyone associated with ADM is really doing a great job. I am really honoured to be a part of it and glad that I choosed ADM. USP of ADM is the faculty & student relationship which is more of peer to peer kind & less students/ batch i.e. max upto 20. I would recommend everyone with a great interest in the field of Digital Marketing to go for ADM, believe me you will never regret.
Akash Singh
CEO & Founder, CV Infotech
Frequently Asked Questions ...

Q1. Who can join the digital marketing training programme?

Ans. - Anyone with the basic computer knowledge and a thirst to rock the internet marketing world can enroll this course. The training is specifically recommended for Students, Professionals & Business Owners!

Q2. Why should I learn from ADM?  

Ans. - ADM is the education arm of Tattvam Media, which is the leading internet marketing company in Pune offering Digital Marketing Solutions to Businesses worldwide for about half a decade. Unlike other training institutes, we are unique in our ethics and provide real-time projects for a live exposure to the current industry trends that provides better insight.

Q3. What is the duration of your internet marketing courses? 

Ans.- Duration of the course depends on the profession and the Course. The duration of the Digital Marketing course for Beginners is 2 months. Meanwhile, we run special batches for business owners who are quite busy with their schedule, The Duration of the Digital Marketing Course is just one week. 

Q4. What is the future of the online marketing training?  

Ans. - As this digital era is filled with lots of enthusiasm and competition, there is an increasing demand for professionals who are well-versed in the internet marketing campaigns. Candidates have many scopes to even set up their own consultancy, becoming freelancers, or working on increasing online visibility for numerous enterprises and their clients.

Q5.  Do I get the job assistance from your institute after the training programme? 

Ans. - Of Course! We provide 100% guaranteed job assistance and placements on successful completion of the training.

Q6.  Do you provide any certificate? 

Ans. - Yes, we provide course completion certificate on successful completion of the training session.

Q7. What are the payment modes available? 

Ans. - You can Pay us through:

> Cash 

> Online Fund Transfer

> Card Payment 

> Cheque

Q8. Is the Course theoretical or practical? 

Ans.– Our training will be theoretical & practical on each topic. We also provide exposure to Live Projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Q9. Who is the trainer & what is his experience?

Ans. - Himanshu Sharma is our Lead trainer for Digital Marketing, who has 8+ years of experience in consulting and training. A Serial Entrepreneur having experience in Content, e-Commerce, SaaS & Digital Marketing Agency. He is currently working with businesses as a Digital Marketing & Business Consultant helping them to unlock their true potential. 

Q10. Do I need to know programming and web designing? 

Ans. - No, You do not need to be a web designer or web developer to learn this course. As in our course, we teach you WordPress and help you design and develop your own website. 

Q11.  What is the use of this course to me? 

Ans. - First of all, you have to understand that Digital marketing is a marketing strategy to develop marketing for company/services in online. After learning digital marketing you can start the following -

  • Get a decent job in the digital marketing industry 
  • Start your blog/website/channel to generate online income
  • If you are entrepreneur/businessman, you can develop and grow your business with Digital marketing 
  • Better job opportunities and salary hike for experienced professionals.

Q12.  What would be the salary for Digital Marketing Professional? 

Ans. - Generally, the basic salary of digital marketing professional starts @15k – 100k. Depending on your academics, qualifications, communications and target company.

If you planning to start your own online business or want to start online money earning then you can get a growth based on your efforts.

Q13. I have experience in Traditional Marketing, can I shift my career to digital marketing?

Ans. - Yes, in fact, in the today’s digital environment, It is mandatory for traditional marketers to understand the digital marketing and execute the campaigns for clients in digital media.

Q14. What will be job prospects for Experienced Marketers? 

Ans. - You can able to learn the digital marketing strategies and then work at manager level based on your experience. This will definitely help in getting a better job opportunity.

Q15. Do you teach money making tips and affiliate marketing strategies? 

Ans. - Yes, we teach practical scenarios of Google AdSense, Freelancing and Affiliate marketing on various platforms. With our program, you can able to start your own website/channel/blog and start building your business.

Q16. Can I work as a freelancer? 

Ans. - Yes, Our course is designed to help you learn every concept in real-time. At the end of the sessions, we will discuss various concepts of Freelancing to help you get started in this industry.

Q17. How much money will I make from Online? 

Ans.- Online income depends on various factors like what is the subject of your site, who are your target audience and what is the reach of the topic in online etc. In general, you can start making money as soon as you bring visitors/viewers to your website or channel. Some of our students were able to earn $100-300 from the 2nd month itself.

Q18. We will get any support form you people in future if I start my business? 

Ans Yes. You can have a direct discussion with our faculty and take his expert advice for your business ideas.

Q19. What are the criteria to gain certified status? 

Ans.- The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

Q20. Is this possible to do work from home after I complete the course? / Is this possible to get such projects wherein I can work from home if I complete this course?

Ans. Yes, of course after completing the course you can work from home or as a freelancer whatever you like. The most remarkable point is that not only you get the opportunity to work from home but you also earn a very good amount working from home.

Q21. What is the basic skill set required before enrolling me for the course?

Ans. - Basic computer knowledge along with proficiency in surfing internet will be helpful in pursuing our course.

Q22. Is there any Flexible Timing for working professionals? 

Ans. Yes, we have both weekdays and weekend classes. Not just that we have classes at different timing in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are flexible as per your needs so that you can manage both regular full-time job and class schedules.

Q23. Do you provide any Training Material? 

Ans. - Yes! We Do provide Training Materials in soft copies.

Q24. How can I trust that ADM is the Best Digital Marketing Course in the industry? 

Ans.- There are a number of reasons especially 

  • Curriculum designed by ADM’s Founder, who has 8+ years of industry experience.  
  • Highly comprehensive & practical curriculum with 100+ learning hours (10 hours/week) 
  • 100% placement support to students, entry-level professionals and internet marketing professionals  
  • Lifetime Support - Access to Exclusive Facebook Group.

Q25. What kind of practical experience will I get in this digital marketing course? 

Ans.- In this training program, you will get 100+ hours of hands-on assignments to master various aspects of Online Marketing. These opportunities include running live Advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook) campaigns, performing live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategy, practicing various tools and exercises based on real-life case studies. You may also get an opportunity to do an internship with any of our corporate clients based on your availability and their requirement.

Q26. I don't have a website or a blog. How will I learn hands-on in this program? 

Ans. No problem. You are not alone. We will begin your program with you creating your own blog so that you can apply the learnings of this internet marketing course practically.

Q27. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this course? 

Ans. - You don't need to know technology at all or come from engineering/technical background or be an MBA to be successful in digital media.

Q28. I am a Marketing Professional with 5+ years of experience. Should I learn Digital Marketing?   

Ans.-  Frankly speaking, you don’t have a choice but to learn this new age skill if you want to stay in a marketing role. With growing contribution to digital marketing, marketing is becoming integrated and every marketing professional (including PR/Media/Content) is expected to know it.

Q29. I am a Digital Marketing professional with experience in SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing. Should I do this course?   

Ans. - Anyone who wants to grow faster and to top positions should have knowledge and experience of various facets of the industry especially SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Web Analytics. Based on the gap between these areas and your current knowledge, you can choose to join specific modules.

Q30. Should I learn everything in Digital Marketing or specific areas such as SEO or SEM or Social Media Marketing?  

Ans.-  Yes, you should master various aspects of digital marketing vs acquiring skills in specific areas. There are a number of reasons: These skills are interconnected. For e.g., if you don’t know Social Media Marketing, you will not be able to produce best possible results through SEO If you want to rise up to the Head role, you will be expected to have experience in various areas. Given the dynamic nature (i.e. there’s continuous variation in demand for various skills), you run a risk of career stagnation if you don’t learn various areas early in your career.

Q31. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?   

Ans.- As a Web Developer/Designer, your contribution towards your organization will significantly grow if you know this skill. The knowledge of digital marketing is already expected from Web Designer/Developer in many organizations. Acquire these critical skills before it’s too late. The other benefits as listed above include building your personal brand, making money and realizing your entrepreneurial dream.

Q32. I am an HR Professional with 5+ years of experience. Why should I do this course?  

Ans.-  Organizations are already using digital media for fulfilling HR objectives such as recruitment, employer branding & employee engagement. If you are an HR professional and want to stay ahead of your peers, go learn digital marketing before it’s too late. The other benefits as listed above include building a personal brand, making money and realizing an entrepreneurial dream.

Q33. I am an IT Professional with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?  

Ans. A significant % of IT projects today are about Digital Transformation or involve digital media. As an IT professional, your knowledge of digital media will be valuable for your organization and can help you differential among your peers to stay ahead of technology trends.

The other benefits as listed above include building a personal brand, making money and realizing an entrepreneurial dream.

Q34. I don't know anything about Digital Marketing. Will I be able to successfully complete this course?   

Ans. Yes, we don't assume that you have any prior knowledge of this domain. Through various modes & stages of the training program, we ensure that our participants with varying degree of knowledge about this industry successfully master all aspects required to fulfill their desired objectives.

Q35. Where is it located? 

Ans. - Address :

Academy of Digital Marketing, 202, Nyati Eureka, Near to Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi Bypass Road, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

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